Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Aging gracefully does not mean letting age get the better of you. I strongly believe that age is just a number. You have to age but you don’t have to grow old. However, no matter how young at heart you are, the signs of aging do appear and they are quite visible especially on the face and neck. Until the scientists discover how to turn back the time we have to resort to the only way of anti-aging we know, skin care products.

What I am about to say might shock you so brace yourselves, anti-aging routines should begin as early as late twenties. Having said that we need to focus on the part that will help you fight the signs of aging.

Attacking the problem at the roots:

       The skin is the largest and complex organ of the body. Apart from being the outermost surface, according to live science, you have about 22 square feet of skin covering you from head to toe. The exposed surface of the skin is the most vulnerable such as the face or the neck.

What are Elastin and Collagen?

The most vital parts of the body that help our skin looking young are collagen and elastin. These are the parts of the skin that effect the aging process or even slow it down, if the right products are used. The fact remains that elastin and collagen are the two proteins that provide the youthfulness to skin by making it firm and full. Aging happens when elastin and collagen are adversely effected due to sunlight, natural aging process and even gravity. This causes sagging of the skin and even wrinkles.

The good thing is that there are some products in the market that target these issues, restoring the elastin and collagen to its original position.

Products to purchase:

       There are plenty of products in the market that are all talk and no work. You might have even given up on a few products due to their being ineffective. There are only a few products that penetrate deeper into the skin and help elastin and collagen restore themselves. So before purchasing any product you must read the ingredients and see if they contain the following;

  1. Retinol:

Retinol encourages new and fast production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative and associated compound and retinoid. These were once only exclusively available in medicated products, only to be obtained after a prescription. Now, however they are available in a variety of products. For the retinoid and retinol to work properly, they are to be used regularly.

  • Alpha hydroxyl acids:

Alpha hydroxyl acids work on the epidermis of the skin rather than retinoid that target the deeper layers of skin. This speeds the cell turnover and removes the dead skin cells which might leave the complexion looking dull and even lifeless. The alpha hydroxyl acid are available in masks and peels which provide an instant lift to the skin. This makes it very popular anti-aging product. So include the alpha hydroxyl acid into your regular skin care routine.

One thing to bear in mind is that anti-aging is not only for older people. It is better to start using anti-aging products in your late twenties or early thirties. Changing them after every decade according to your skin care needs.

Anti-aging skin care solutions are not very hard to find. You just need to be sure they are according to your skin type either dry / sensitive or even oily. Find the right one because not all of them work. This might require some work and patience. Good luck!