Cleaning the furniture to eliminate invisible germs

Spoiler alert! Your furniture is not as clean as it appears to you.

We belong to a century where we believe in the existence of things when we can see them. However, there are many things which exist yet they are invisible to our naked eyes. For example, the germs on your furniture! If you thought your furniture was clean when it looked spot on and stainless, you were wrong. There’s a strong possibility that the sofa you are sitting on right now has been infested by germs and bacteria, which is now going to stick to your rear and spread around the house as you move. The home which you tried so hard to keep impeccably clean would have millions of tiny loathsome creatures invading it.

Till the time your furniture was packed in a plastic covering, it was safe and germ free however as soon as you removed that covering, the furniture was exposed to airborne debris, mold and dust mites. Especially the furniture which is upholstered is known to harbour bacteria by providing a suitable habitat for them to thrive in. Here are a few of the bacteria which are probably clinging to your rear right now:

  • Pseudomonas

A good thing about this bacterium is the fact that it won’t affect you if you are healthy and have a good immune system. The most it will do is, cause a mild infection, one that is easier to bear.

However, the bacterium is lethal against sick people and thrives in people with a weak immune system. Once it is in your home, it will cause the redness of your skin, headaches, fevers and chills. Infections in your blood or lungs are generally going to be much more lethal than those on your skin.

  • Staphylococcus aureus:

This bacterium is just as lethal as it is difficult to pronounce! It is capable of developing in you infections ranging from minor skin problems to serious life-threatening diseases. The most common type of infection includes boils, which are pus filled pockets on your skin. They can cause rashes and even food poisoning. The type of infection you develop will depend on the location of infection.

  • Aspergillus versicolor:

This happens to be a hardy fungus which is found to grow rapidly under moist conditions, which means it will definitely not spare your carpets and up holstered furniture. It has a musty kind of odour which if dominates your house, can confirm the presence of the fungus. However, odour is not the only drawback of the fungus. It can cause respiratory problems as well as diarrhoea.

No need to panic, however, since with every problem comes multiple solution. You can easily get rid of these bacteria; the trick is to clean consistently even if your furniture looks clean. Here are a few ways you can clean your furniture to disinfect it:

  • Using disinfectant sprays on your furniture will remove all kinds of germs from your furniture, leaving it actually clean. However, buy the spray which has an EPA registration number on it, which basically guarantees the fact that the product has been tested for optimal results.
  • Micro organisms cannot stand high temperatures, so the best way to get rid of them is through steam cleaning, which will make sure that not only all the micro organisms are dead, but also the foul odour, debris and dirt is removed.
  • Use vinegar, especially to clean your leather furniture in order to manage the dirt at your place.

These small habits if incorporated into your lifestyle can make big changes to keep your family healthy and away from life threatening situations. So start your research today and look for the products which can help clean your home for you.