Dentures; The Secret to a Picture Perfect Smile.

       Ever look at pictures of on your Instagram newsfeed and think ‘wow, this person has the cutest smile’ while you just sit there wishing you had the perfect pearly whites. Well your wish has been granted without the lamp. The answer is dentures!

The smile you desire is just an appointment away:

Missing one tooth or a few teeth can be really embarrassing and can shake the confidence of anyone. If you suffer from missing teeth or even buck tooth will leave you avoiding social gatherings and might even make you really conscious during pictures. Since everyone wants a good pictures especially in these days of social networking, there is a way for you to feel confident and get your self-esteem back. Not only that but eating and talking gets difficult if your full set of teeth is absent.

You are probably thinking that you have just one teeth that is the issue or a few teeth in a row or even of you have a few teeth that are not in the same row. Dentures have a variety of options, according to your need.

Types of dentures:

Dentures are of usually two kinds;

  1. Full set: this is also called the complete dentures, they usually replace all of the upper or the lower teeth.
  2. Partial set: this is that denture that replaces just one tooth or sometimes a few missing or broken teeth.

So if you if you were wondering if getting dentures was the answer to the few different teeth that need replacing, there is the option of single tooth replacing.

Advantages of Dentures:

       If you still are thinking, here are a few pointers that might help you decide,

  • Dentures help you in restoring your smile
  • They give you beautiful looking natural teeth.
  • They provide support to the cheeks so that they won’t collapse and ruin the shape of your face.
  • They are fairly easy to replace.
  • Makes it easier to talk and eat, as compared to having no teeth.

Lifetime of Dentures:

    Like everything else in this temporary world, your dentures have a lifetime too. Over a period of time, dentures need replacement because of either, the need to be remade, rebased (creating a new base over the existing dentures) or even relined. Especially if they are worn every day. Even aging can cause the dentures to become loose.

Newer, Better Dentures:

    In the old days, when our parents’ grandparents used them (yes that far back) the dentures were uncomfortable to wear, did not fit well and usually caused sore spots in the mouth and were painful. Since the dentures were made from hard acrylic, they often looked fake making them painful to wear and caused plastic smiles. The old dentures were also difficult to care for. The reason why we see so many toothless pictures of people (from that time).

In today’s world of science and medical advancement, the dentures are incredible. Not only do they fit in the mouth without causing any sores or pain they look completely natural. This has taken quite a few years but now they are made according to your mouth structure and provide better support and more secure.

More Options:

    Dentists now have two more types of dentures for you to choose from, fixed and removable. This gives you to more option. Apart from that the prices of dentures also vary.

No matter your current situation is like, if you need a set of dentures, it exists. You can get it! Do your research about the dentures that you desire and you will have the perfect smile too.